peach gateau

Peach Gateau Cake | Dessert peach Gateau Recipe | Peach Gateau

Peach gateau is a sponge cake and its is very delicious cake which is cover with layer of cream and peaches  so , Today our special dessert recipe peach gateaux you can serve as dessert and This is wonderful party dessert ,you can also make this cake for Christmas and New Year. Go Ahead  Make it and Share it…

peach gateau
peach gateau

Prep Time         –        15 min

Cook Time        –        45 min

Total Time        –         1 hr          

Level                  –      Intermediate

Category           –          Dessert

Ingredients               Quantity                  Rate                 Amount

Sponge ⇒

Flour                               60 gm                   24/kg                14.40

Eggs                                  3                            5/ pc                15.00

Sugar                             60 gm                    40/kg                 2.40

Vanilla essence            1/4 tsp                  100/ltr               0.50

Filling ⇒

Cream                           100 gm                   120/kg              12.00

Peach                               50 gm                  420/kg              21.00

Covering ⇒

Cream                            160 gm                  120/kg               18.00

Peach                             150 gm                 420 /kg              63.00

Cherry                             50 gm                  200/kg              10.00

Total ⇒                                                  143.34 +10 % GST

RS = 157.76

Method of Peach Gateau –

  • Take all the ingredient according to weight.
  • Break three eggs in a bowl and whisk it.
  • Mix sugar and vanilla essence and continue whisking till ribbon consistency is achieved.
  • Line up the cake tin and put the mixture in it.
  • Put it for baking at 160° C for 20 – 25 min.
  • Now take out the sponge and remove  the brown paper and the top layer using Bread knife.
  • Now cut the sponge into three parts horizontally.
  • Put one layer on the cake stand make it with sugar syrup.
  • Put the cream and chopped peach and spread make it by plate knife.
  • Also place the second layer and continue the same step above.
  • Place the  final layer and top it with cream.
  • Even the top surface and apply cream to the circumference of the cake.
  • Now using piping bag make appropriate design and put cheery and peach to complete design.
  • Place the cake on covered cardboard and refrigerator.
  •  Now  Peach Gateau ready to serve.
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