facaccia bread

How to make Easiest Italian Foccacia Bread Recipe

I love to bake bread and  Today we are sharing with you one of my favorite focaccia bread recipe. This is Italian bread recipe which is crispy outside and soft inside with including some fresh herbs you can also serve this foccacia bread in dinner, breakfast  and lunch are also used for sandwiches its is simple to make, you can make this recipe in the lower price at home.

Prep Time  –      20 mins

Cook Time –      1 hr 40 mins     

Total Time –        2 hr

Level           –       Medium 

Cuisine       –      Italian


focaccia bread
focaccia bread

For Dough

Ingredients         Quantity           Rate             Amount

Flour                     500 gm            24/kg               Rs 12

salt                         8 gm                16/kg                Rs  0.128

yeast                      20 gm              70/ltr                Rs  1.4

olive oil                 25 gm             400/ltr               Rs 16

pepper corns        3 gm


For pesto

Ingredients             Quantity            Rate               Amount

Basil                             15 gm                 –                         –

pesto                             10 gm               –                        Rs 80

Tomato   concosse     200 gm           40/kg                Rs 8

Basil Leaves                  50 gm            75/15 gm          Rs 250

olive oil                          10 ml             400/ltr              Rs  4

Wallnuts                       30  gm            1000/kg            Rs 30

garlic                             15-30 gm          100/kg            Rs 3

Total                                                   88 + 14.528 +102.528 +10%GST

RS    =  112.74

Method of Foccica Bread –

  • Take all the ingredients according to their  weight.
  • Seive Flour solution and more  bay in the center.
  • Make yeast solution and soak crushed pepper corn in olive oil.
  • Start kneading the dough  by adding the yeast solution.
  • Continue Kneading by adding sufficient  water.
  • Make the dough and put olive oil and crushed pepp
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