Tri Colours Biscuits

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Tri Colours Biscuits
Tri Colours Biscuits -Today we are sharing the recipe of biscuits it’s very simple , quick and healthy.

Today we are sharing Tri Colour  Biscuits recipe with the different shape, colors and flavors . it’s very simple , quick and healthy.

S.No   Items                Quantity                Rate                      Amount

  1.   Flour                  150gm                 24/kg                     Rs 8.6
  2. White Butter      100gm                135/500gm           Rs 2.7
  3. Icing Sugar         50 gm                   50/kg                    Rs 2.5
  4. Baking powder  1/4 tsp                 24/100gm            Rs 0.3
  5. Vanilla Essence  1/2 tsp                540/L                   Rs 1.25
  6. Red colour               As Required
  7. Green colour          As Required
  8. Yellow colour         As Required                                            Total Rs – 34.65                                                                                                                                           Temperature 160*c /Time – 20 min

                                     How to make Tri Colour Biscuits

  • Sieve Flour and baking powder cream white butter and icing sugar together and add vanilla essence to it.
  • Mix flour to the mixture and knead softly and make a soft dough.
  • Keep for 20 mins inside the refregerater.
  • Take out and roll , dust flour as required.
  • Cut into rounds and then with flour small cutter cut three small holes with cutter inside once side of biscuits and keep other sides as it is.
  • Bake for 160* for 20 mins.
  • Keep it for cooling.

                                              How to make Butter Icing

  • Sieve icing sugar.
  • Cut white butter and cream with icing sugar so that no lumps  is formed.
  • Slowly cream till the mixture becomes light and fluffy.
  • Cream to be mixed with three different colours.
  • Put on other side of biscuit and press other sides with holes.
  • The tri colours biscuits are ready to serve.
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