brownbreadsandwich thespoonandforks

Bread Sandwich | Sandwich Snack | Bread Sandwich Recipe


brownbreadsandwich thespoonandforks

Hey everyone today we are going to share the easiest recipe you can make this bread sandwich anytime in the lunch, breakfast, and snacks within 15 mins. And you can make this sandwich for your children .as a working person sometimes we don’t have time for cooking in the morning that case you can make bread sandwich very quickly in the morning. And you can make different types of sandwiches .but my favorite sandwich is brown bread sandwich which is good in let’s see how is make this brown bread sandwich.


preparation time – 5 mins

Cook time           – 10 mins

Total time           – 15 mins

Directions –

1. Take a two white/brown slices of bread.

2. Take a medium bowl and add mayonnaise, black pepper, chopped tomato, chopped garlic,  chopped onion, salt to taste.

3. Now mix well until everything is combined well.

4. Now apply on bread. Add some coriander leaves on it.

5. Toast the sandwich with butter both side.

6. Cut the bread into the half. your sandwich is ready for serve.

7. Serve with tea, coffee, chutney, mayonnaise etc.

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